This was a fun project! My Little Rock, Arkansas, elementary alma mater, Gibbs Magnet Elementary School of International Studies and Foreign Languages (yes that's their whole awesome name,) contacted me to do this redesign for the new school year, something to celebrate being back in school. It was awesome fun making this cute international snow leopard, inspired by the cartoon show "The Amazing World of Gumball" and the video game "Katamari Damacy." I'm proud of how simple we kept it, with the name "Gibbs" in big letters, and the illustration concept rich but concise. 
Here's the final pencil sketch along with the inked version and another color theme. The red and blue really pops.
And this is their original logo and my first sketch of a cuter more classic snow leopard with an early concept of "world traveler" shown with the globe dotted with landmarks.
And these were some of my biggest influences. In Katamari Damacy, you roll a ball around that picks up similarly sized things until it grows massive. The Amazing World of Gumball is a brilliant and fun cartoon full of simple animations on top of photographic backgrounds. 

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