Logo Design and Mural for Local Cyclery

Thank goodness for old friends who are receptive to your design ideas and who'll let you paint whatever you want in their new cyclery!
Kind of kidding - we went through a few edits on this project, but ultimately I was able to develop a simple logo and artwork that fit my style and the philosophy of the business, which as a cyclery, not a bike shop, is a place for quick tune ups and conversations, not high pressure sales. The logo is readable and fast, yet shifts visually and mimics the geometry of a bike, reflecting the concept of shifting gears cycling and in society.
As for the mural, I wanted to do something like a Joan Miro painting at first, something textural and powerful yet in the background, but Frank at Shift Modern Cyclery in Little Rock, Arkansas, an old friend of mine, wanted something that really described the community he hoped to serve. So we worked together to illustrate Little Rock's river trail and the diverse riders that use it. The resulting image spans the west and east sides of Little Rock and various landmarks, with inventive bikes as symbols for the creative cycling scene in our town. ​​​​​​​
Our next project which is in line with these philosophies is to collaborate with local high school artists in designing a mural and concert space for the back patio, where food trucks, picnic tables, and games will bring folks together even more in making Shift a space for the community. ​​​​​​​

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