Album Design - Cartoons, Typography, Portraits, and Trippy Stuff

Imagine how happy I was when one of my favorite bands in town asked me to help with their album art. That was in 2020, a tough year, but being able to listen to the early cuts of this album as I worked on the art brought me so much joy and energy. The whole album has a sense of youthfulness that way, so I wanted to make the cover about kids. The title, "Unsupervised" is a reference to the lead singer and drummer doing supervised work together as social workers and then forming a band, where music became what was "unsupervised." In this image, I wanted to convey unsupervised thought, or the power of the imagination. Visual art is usually a silent medium. The question with art is, how do you fill that space. Music, on the other hand, is about arranging sound. Hopefully, this image begins to depict that creative process, and making something from nothing, in a year full of restrictions. 
Joe and The Feels at White Water Tavern, Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2019

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