Evolution of a T-Shirt Design:

What began as a uniform that turned into a Big Johnson/Manga inspired cartoon tee, because uniforms are corporate, and fun is better! Or how often I redo my sign painting logo and branding... ;)
In this project, I began with wanting to design a logo and uniform for my sign company, something I could wear around town as a conversation starter, something to drum up business. Realizing what an opportunity it was to make a bold shirt design, I thought it'd be fun to riff on the old Big Johnson tees from the nineties... So I drew that up. But then one day after reading a bunch of Akira and watching a bunch of Aeon Flux, I started looking at old Manga covers on Google and found some old Japanese Tamiya model car illustrations of Moko Chan and Rabbi Kun and fell in love. So I made up Barry and Larry, Larry being a pseudonym, and the idea is to release limited print runs every so often with Barry and Larry in different sign painting scenarios. Arkansas is known as the Bear State, which is how I came up with Barry, the blonde bear cub. 
Check out the drawing process here along with a few other design renditions.

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